December 24, 2004

captain, my captain... 

...and grow back that goatee. whaddya think this is, new york?

varitek is signed, 

...and remy is... drunk?

be afraid. be very afraid...

anyway, 'tek!
whoo hoo!

Happy Festivus! (for the rest of us)

December 23, 2004

it's miller time 

now we have to trade millar.

miller, millar, and mueller is just too damn confusing...

anyway, seems like a good deal, sox really can't go wrong with it. if he's good, great, if he's not, oh well. it's not like we sunk kim money into him.

i just hope theo's gift to the nation (well, second gift) is announcing the varitek signing on christmas.

December 21, 2004

i dont practice renteria... 

but i got a crystal ball.

so goodbye dave "he stole the bag! roberts stole the bag!!" roberts
(okay, so there was no actual quote like that. but there should have been.)

and orlando cabrera.

it was short and very, very, VERY sweet.

now would you PLEASE get rid of that no trade demand, 'tek?

and green, you know you love LA, you love it! so don't go waiving your no trade clause to go to crappy arizona, okay?

December 14, 2004


sad to see you go, amigo.

i'm sorry that you didnt think the sox did everything they could to keep you, but they really did, within reason.

i'm not bitter, you gave the sox your best years (i hope you did... dont get all rocket on us now), and they were some of the best fucking games anyone has ever pitched in a sox uniform. from, was it '99-'01?, almost every start you gave us was phenomenal, and i'll never forget them.

any sox fan that is pissed at management for not giving you that fourth year of respect that you wanted so bad doesnt understand what it takes to put a winning team on the field. we love you, but please...

good luck in new york, you money-grubbing shitbum.
(can you tell i'm conflicted?)