April 29, 2004


there goes the fourth shutout in a row.
i think the sox can score some runs here to get the second sweep in a row, though.

april 29th afternoon game log 

hey, if you're "watching" this while at work, or really watching it like for real, comment on this post as the game unfolds...
i'm ripping this idea off of the red sox livejournal community.

nice!!! back to back TO BACK shutouts!!!


man, was it ever tempting to call in sick today and just spend it on the couch watching baseball. i love doubleheaders.
i do cringe watching kim pitch, so maybe it's better that i just follow along on the net. is it just me that thinks he's gonna plunk every batter he faces?
here's hoping he doesn't...
go sox!

April 26, 2004

Nice Broom Work in the Bronx! 

I know all the Yankee fans are saying it is early in the season but who cares? I am going to enjoy this. A sweep of the Yankees in their own stadium. I love it. Taking 6 out of 7 games so far this season? I'll take that also, thank you very much. I never bought into the whole it is early in the season thing anyway. I look at it this way, come September when you are one or two games out of first (or the wildcard). You can look back at that game in April. That one game in April against the shit team. The one you should have won but did not. That is why you are not in the playoffs. All the games count, not just the ones in Sept. From day one right up till the last out of the regular season is made.


April 25, 2004

can i get excited yet? *laughing* if nothing else seeing jeter k three times and a-fraud punching the gatorade cooler in frustration was worth it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

p.s. scott and ang, i'm jonesing for don cuco's!

April 22, 2004

ghosts of grady 

sure, the game isnt as important, but you can't say you didn't see that shit coming.
bullpen has been lights out, starter wants to stay in, starter gets to stay in.
should NOT have still been pitching. unless im missing something by not seeing this on TV, this looks like a loss caused by schill wanting to get the win for himself. really, why the fuck else was he still in there?

love the belly 

How lucky are you when your once every 5 days catcher can single handedly win games for you?

April 21, 2004

Bizalls and Strizikes 

I love this description of a Jeter K in defense of Ortizille's whining at the plate lately:

Ortiz always has at least one beef per AB. He ALWAYS has a glance , a head shaking or says something. Maybe word is out to just settle him down.

I can't see the BFD if Ortiz wants to gripe a little. Look at Capt. Intangibles; every called strike is an affront to him and his unrivaled greatness, resulting in him displaying his crap eating little smirk for the ump and the world to see.

Ha Ha love that

mid week musings 

Ok- nice series over the weekend, and nice showing from pedro last night as well, altho he did nothing to dispell the on-the-way-to-being- totally accepted belief that he basically is uselss after having thrown 100-105 pitches.There were many surpising aspects to the Stinkees series, not the least of which of course was watching them suffer pathetically on offense. Man is it gonna suck when we have to start watching the highlights of these scoring 8 runs a night on baseball tonight. The A-Rod futility was a nice little gift for the fenway faithful- all those wearing rubber A-rod masks with dollar signs on them (uh-oh, who are these idiots attempting to jeopordize our rep as the most informed and aware fans in basbeball?) got exactly what they wanted...hmmmm, and what i wanted to, altho i never would have predicted it.
The fact that we tok 3-4 however doesnt really surprise me at all, only as much as it would have if they had lost 3-4, split the series or gotten swept. I mean, bottom line is this april series is first of all too early, and second of all, not really anymore significant than the fact were up 3-1, and if the yankees want to beat us 10-9 for the season like they have the last two years, they need to now go 9-6 for the rest of the series...That doesnt sound too tough does it? i guess that's what francona meant when he said these games dont really matter much more than any others until we start getting a game and a half in the standings. Don't get me wrong, as a red sox fanatic the new skipper trying to come off as SO level headed does bug me a bit, this rivalry does mean almost everything (altho doing better than 10-9 season series against both Baltimore and Toronto [last year's numbers] would probably mean even more), at this point in the season it means very little because it's really two early to heat things up too much, the teams havent forged their indentities yet, and quite frankly, how often do we not a first place lead at the end of may? It's the end game that counts here and that is quite a long ways away.
Anyway, on a more pertinent matter, for those of you watching NESN last night, did anyone notice Sean and Jerry begining to quietly hum the praises of bellhorn's performance over the first couple weeks? Bottom line is, i don't think anyone hates Pokey, but when Nomar comes back, (we need you employee #5! i guess it's too much to ask from such a jock-type wife that she might give you some foot rubs at night to help with the rehabilitation) does anyone really think it would be better to have an automatic out batting in the 9 slot, while benching a guy in the top 5 in the A.L. in OB%, whose defense is more than quite capable, if not quite gold-glove caliber like pokey's? It's still early to definitively rank Bellhorn's prowess at the plate, but he has a history of being able to swing the bat somewhat, and his eye has really been impressive so far especially adjusting to A.L. pitchers, while you know what you get with Pokey: 1st class glove, worst class stick. Throw in the fact that while this will be a great offensive team, they will not be as productive as last year, and after last year, and Varitek hitting ninth most of the time, who can stand to see a rally killing automatic out like Pokey slotted in there?
Sorry this is so long, I doubt anyone has made it this far, but if anyone has I leave you with this: on Apirl 19th en said " they will never win and you will always be disappointed." vis-a-vis the bruins...don't worry about this statement about the bruins on a sox site en, for these are the exact words that have haunted my red sox fanaticism ever since i began to realize the astonishing totality of their profound and tormenting meaning...

i am the glass half full guy, after all... 

pedro looked really good last night, and proved that if he's on and hitting his spots it doesn't matter if his fastball is just 87-90, instead of 91-95. stop whining and just accept that he's older and he ain't gonna pitch as fast.
it's also nice that halladay just can't beat the sox.

...and fucking barry. jesus.

April 20, 2004


Once again the Bruins get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Damn! They had a 3-1 lead in the series and they lost. Bah! Right now I am bitter about it and say thet deserved to lose. You don't blow a series like that. Not when you are up 3-1 and have home ice.

April 19, 2004

how do u blow a 3-1 lead 

well i know this is a sox post, but i had to chime in. i haven't been a bruins fan since 1988 after they got smoked by edmonton in the cup and then harry sinden and jeremy jacobs refused to spend money to get the goal scorer they needed to put them over the top and then proceeded to get smoked by edmonton again two years later. i refuse to support an owner who could give a fuck less about his fans and about winning a championship. i don't care if they win it all, i will not support them as long as jacobs owns this team. tonight is just another example of what happens when you go out and sign a bunch of muckers to play hockey. don't get sucked in by that team. their owner is undeserving, their gm is harry s reincarnated. they will never win and you will always be disappointed.

and the score so far is... 

red sox 3
yankees 1

and a rod goes 1 for 17 with 6Ks.


(oh, and please, someone find or take a pic of a "jeter sucks a-rod" shirt and post it on here!)

April 17, 2004

Does this bother anyone else? 

I really can not stand when the Redsox are on Fox and it is a nationally televised game. The announcers are fucking terrible. They are so anti Boston it is ridiculous. It isn't even that they are pro Yankees or pro whatever other team the Sox are playing against. That I could understand and even tolerate. I mean we all want our fav team to win. It is just the anti Boston that pisses me off. It was like that all during the play offs last season and again with last nights game. Fuck those guys. I would rather watch the game on Fox with no sound and put WEEI on for the commentary. Screw Fox.

April 16, 2004

here we go... 

so we start the yankees series this year with the same pitcher that ended it all last year, and i hope that knuckler is dancing like a fly girl tonight.

rough shit last night, but its early. real early. at least pedro didn't go on the DL today...

to paraphrase jim,
peace out and yankees suck!

April 14, 2004


here's to the Bs for winning in true ortiz fashion last night!

April 13, 2004

an old schilling story, 

but a good one...

EQ war

April 12, 2004

florida ortiz... 

looks like you're not alone, bry.

joy of sox
(scroll down a lil')

he keeds, he keeds 

"I told David before he went to home plate, 'Finish this, man -- we don't get paid for overtime,' " said Ramirez.

heh heh heh.


April 11, 2004

for those who missed it 

here's a pic from fri:

and another:

yawkey way b4 the game:

first pitch:

and finally, the view we had all game long up in standing room:

April 09, 2004

You know Bry is right. Something needs to be done about the salaries that are just going to astronomical limits. Why should anyone get 13 million a year or whatever and not perform? If that was you or me at our regular jobs and we didn't perform on a day to day basis we would get shit canned faster than you can spit. It has to stop somewhere right?
I know this would never in a million years happen but...
It should all be based on incentive. You play well you get paid well. I say all rookies get a base salary of say 100,000. A second year player gets 200,000 base salary. Keep this up till the 5 year mark, 5 years 500,000 base. Everything after that is incentive. A certain $$ for RBI's, A set $$ for homeruns. Every statistic will have a monetary equivalent. You would have different set ups for starting pitchers vs relief pitchers and closing pitchers.
A set up for non pitchers. I think the biggest bonus should come from team achievements total wins for the team etc. It would never work, I know this. The players union would never let it happen but it makes at least some sense to me.

April 08, 2004

Damn Yankees... 

Ok - I just walked away from the mock trial on ESPN that asks if it is fair to baseball for the Yankees to have their unlimited payroll. I did not stay for the conclusion as I was about to blow a gasket and figured I'd try and calm down by writing. The trial was basically some lawyer (I didn't catch his name)from NY and Alan Dershowits (?) arguing for the Sox before a judge and jury. Now witness after witness for the Yanks testified that payroll size does not factor in to the success of a team. They cited The Marlins and Angels , the last two World Series winners as examples. You need good management from top to bottom to be successful, not a huge payroll. They cited the Twins success the last couple years and the A's.

They also went to the other extreme to prove their point. The Mets spent a fortune acquiring players and they sucked. They also cited the Dodgers and Texas (pre A-rod trade to Yanks) as examples of overspending on busts.

But all this is based upon the idea that the Yankees aren't winning. Aren't winning...are you fucking kidding me? If the Yankees are losing then what the hell is the rest of the league? Just because NY doesn't win the World Series doesn't mean it isn't winning. By their very example of using the Oakland A's as a model for success, they prove my point. They say Oakland is successful...I guess it would be because they manage to keep payroll down and consistently put a winner on the field. They've been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round for 4 straight years. They are a success because they have a winning record and made the playoffs for 4 years in a row. The Yankees have not only made the playoffs, they've won their division. They not only won their division, they either went deep into the playoffs or went to the World Series. But they don't win? WTF....? Listen I obviously am a Sox fan to the bone, but I truly believe that a salary cap is in the best interest of baseball. Not only will it put every team on even ground at the start, it will get a grip on the spiraling salaries that these guys are getting.

April 07, 2004

this is nice... 

4-0 sox in the top of the second...
jesus is 2 for 2 with 2 RBI
(notice i left off the s, nick)

now it's 6-0 on a double by manny. i could get used to this.

7-0 on a millar single!! this is all with two outs! shades of last year here...nice

10-1 in the top of the 6th on a three run homer by ortiz... sweet.

For Those Still Close To Fenway 


schill already knows the score 

...talking about pedroleavingearlygate:

"I have never seen -- and I'm not stereotyping everybody in Boston, there's a lot of good writers, there's good people in the media just like any other market -- but I have never seen more people out to create stories on their own in one space in my career, and that's just in this brief time. ... " he said.

"They think we're stupid, and they don't think we see and pay attention. I've never seen so many anonymous quotes from people in a shorter period of time than I have in the last three days."

...fuckin' shaugnessey.


blog bloggity blog

I wanna rock and roll all night 

Can we please get the Boston media off this "Francona looks weak" bullshit, because of what happened the other night? and can you believe Shaughnessey saying it won't be the media's fault for running Pedro out of town? And as for Pedro, I am starting to get a little sick of his whining shit, but I don't want this to become Roger II. Sign the fucker, sign em all. Championship teams spend the money, runners up whine about them.

you know its really early in the season when... 

the devil rays, tigers, and brewers are leading their divisions.

April 06, 2004

in retrospect, we probably shoulda been drinking boones... 

but jay's the only one of us with the stomach of a 14 year old girl, and he was at lupos (holy shit, max creek is still around?!!?) rocking with the darkness.

anyway, here are some of us washing away the taste of game 7 and cleansing the palate for 2004...

drink it. drink it.

we were hoping this might loosen up the arm a bit... oh well. next time we'll put out a cigar and some rum for Jobu.

oh fuck, here we go again

the season hasn't started, and already we're dulling the pain

rich, scott, and bry toast and dose.

what the hell is pedro looking at?!?

only a sox fan for the past couple of years, angie is learning quickly.

you wouldn't know its almost 80 degrees out by the way i'm dressed...


neil toasts, then blocks our view of the first pitch of the season while draining his shot.

jake finds some neil phlegm at the bottom of the glass...

jake knows how to drink without getting in the way of the action.

is he fucking drinking or playing the trumpet?

nicks already on the floor, drinking alone in a dark(ish) room.
it's gonna be a long year.

hey, we can still go 161-1. lots of baseball left to play.

(send me a pic of you taking a shot in front of the sox on tv here, and i'll post it)

Letters to Theo 

Dear Theo,

Lets just get this out of the way right now. I'm scared - thank you previous Red Sox ownership & management. The thought of having our beloved Sox blown apart at the end of the season because of the huge contracts that many of our players will want (and in some cases deserve), scares the shit out of me. I know that teams go through this all the time. In fact I've lived through many rebuilding years. The ones that stand out were the ones after the Rice, Evans, Boggs mid eighties teams. It was tough saying goodbye to all those guys I had been following since I could remember picking up a baseball. And now it seems we are poised to do it again. Now I have to admit that I do have more confidence in ownership and in Theo this time around, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. You can almost bank on that asshole in NY picking up some of our guys and the thought of one or more of them playing in pinstripes makes me want to throw up on myself. Now over the last few years I have learned to trust again (thank you Patriots) and not cringe when management does something unexpected, because I actually believe that they know what they are doing this time around. But the Red Sox are not the Pats (the Pats win...) and I'm still not sure if they can be trusted.....yet. Time will tell.
I'm going to enjoy this season for everything it's worth, cuz who the hell knows what's going to happen next year. I only have one question Theo....Can I trust you? Should I?

would the sox have lost on opening day... 

if grady was managing?

i might as well start this shit off with something everyone has an opinion on.
are the sox gonna be a better team cause they fired grady?

hindsight is 20/20, man. if he had taken pedro out and they lost, everyone would have asked why he took out the best pitcher in the game in that situation.
the season last year was so exciting, with so many wins seemingly pulled out of someones ass in the last couple innings. are we gonna have that this year?

when all the shit was flying with the a-rod nomar thing this offseason, the first call nomar made (after EEI?) was to grady, to get his take on it.
jimy was annoying cause of his "manager's decision" answers, and i get the impression that the front office was equally annoyed by gradys 'hunches'.
but honestly, in a game more or less decided by one person hoping to throw his covered ball of twine past the person trying to hit it with a big stick, i don't see how the occasional hunch is gonna make all that big of a difference. you can have a game plan for every game, but the best manager will know when to stick to it and when to file it. i don't think grady was the best manager in baseball, but i do think he was the best one the sox have had in a long time.

grady wasn't fired for that one decision alone. he was a lame duck all season cause they wanted someone like francona, who's a "player's manager" like grady was, but who's also an "owner's bitch", which he didn't seem all to interested in being. i have nothing against francona, and hope the sox win 100+ games this year. i think they can.

but i'm the one here that's usually saying the glass is half-full, so what the fuck do i know?