May 21, 2004

fo' shizzle, my ortizzle!! 

Sox just signed Ortiz to a multiyear deal!!!

now if we can only get Mondesi on the team by monday...

May 20, 2004

DH or not to DH? 

What does everyone think of the DH rule? I for one do not like it. Well I don't want to say I don't like it, I think at least it should be the same in both leagues. The way it is now it favours the National League. If the game is played in a National League Park (interleague play or in the World Series)the National League pitchers have been batting all season. The American Leagures have not. This takes the bat out of one of our best hitters and puts it in the hands of say Pedro. Someone who bats maybe three games a year at most. Not good. On the other hand if the game is in an American League Park the National League team gets to beef up their line up by putting a better hitter in the lineup.
Thoughts and concerns?

May 19, 2004

i got yer randy johnson... 

right here!

run DMC said it best...

May 14, 2004


any thoughts on the supposed

damon/kim to seattle
garcia/japanese pitcher to kansas city
and beltran to the sox

andy brought it to my attention...

May 12, 2004

indians @ red sox 5.12.04  

in case anyones around and feels like yakking.

i'm stuck at work until 7 again.

May 11, 2004

indians @ red sox 5.11.04  

post in the comments if you're online during the game and wanna bitch. or cheer.
or post in the comments if you're online after the game and wanna mope. or gloat.
see if i care.
(well, i guess i kinda do, or i wouldnt have put this up in the first place)

nice picture... 

check it out.

heh heh heh.

more links than jimmy dean! 

so i spent some time today putting up some new links, mostly so i don't have to keep going to joy of sox to click on 'em.
so thanks to him for putting them together in the first place.
now they're here.
but i'll still be going there.
just not for all the clicky-clicky nonsense. i can do that here now.

i'll organize the shits later...

decisive action! 

bob hohler from todays globe:
"Byung Hyun Kim's brief, futile run as a starter ended so abruptly last night it could have caused whiplash."

futile. i like that word. I bet tito does too.

"We're in a very competitive area in what we're trying to do," manager Terry Francona said. "And right now it's just not working [with Kim] starting. I don't think it's fair to him or to us, so we're going to make a change for now."

arroyo more than deserves the spot, and the sox will just have to eat the $10 mil or so tied up in kim over the next couple of years. at least it's not contreras money.

but please, send him down to pawtucket. we don't need him coming out of the pen to bounce some balls off a batter or two. that roster spot can be used much more effectively.
the only time that motherfucker went for a while without hitting a batter was when i bet bry a sandwich that he'd bean someone.

May 10, 2004

who do you call when your windshields busted?? 

i ordered mlb radio this afternoon (long story, gonna be some late nights at work the next few weeks) for free. i just HAVE to remember to cancel the SI subscription. anyway, good deal.

i just heard a 1 800 54 GIANT commercial for the first time in years. good times.

best jingle.

this was right after the inning where kim fucked up (they says its a passed ball, but i blame kim) and let in two unearned runs.

fucking kim.

May 08, 2004

People All Over The World Hate The Yankees!!!! 

Check out this link my dad sent me.


May 05, 2004


what the sox need to do is concentrate on the solo shot, or on doubles and triples when there's a runner at first.
cause as soon as someone gets into scoring position, the outs start coming.
and load the bases? fuggetaboudit.

So since Pedro opened his mouth about contracts or lack there of, the Sox just keep on losing. I know that one has nothing to do with the other in reality. In my defense though I have to say as a part of Redsox Nation we look for this kind of bullshit.

May 03, 2004

manny is the man... 

how fucking cool is this? after being thrown out on waivers and then almost traded in the offseason...

Monday, May 3, 2004

ESPN.com news services
Manny Ramirez appears to have improved his image from brooding "clubhouse cancer" to ultimate team player in Boston, willing to give up a generous portion of his salary for the sake of the Red Sox's future.

Ramirez told the Boston Herald that he would gladly defer part of his annual salary --$20 million a year on average -- so the Red Sox can afford to keep Pedro Martinez in Boston beyond this season.

In the offseason, Ramirez was placed on waivers, left unclaimed, and then would have been traded to Texas had Boston's attempt to acquire Alex Rodriguez not fallen through.

Now the Red Sox slugger is offering to take a pay cut so the team can spread the wealth to its ace.

"How long is [Pedro] planning to stay, three years?" Ramirez told the Herald. "I'll loan them a contract. Whatever they want. How much do they need? It's for Pedro."

Ramirez offered to loan about $5 million a year for the Red Sox to pay to Martinez, who called off contract negotiations last week and has said he will test free agency at the end of this season.

When asked after Sunday's game if he were joking, Ramirez reiterated his offer.

"I am serious," he told a reporter. "I want Pedro to stay. Pedro's the heart of the team. He's been her
(heh heh, that typo is straight from ESPN)so long. I think it's going to be a sad moment to see him leave. That's why I said what I did. It's really no problem for me. Hey, how much money do I need?"

Ramirez told the Herald that he was also willing to defer money to keep Nomar Garciaparra in a Red Sox uniform.

thats a team player that just wants to win it all... i'm impressed. but i'd still rather use the money for a few other guys before pedro.

email exchange 

----since andy never reads this or posts to it, and since i'm too lazy to rewrite what i wrote, here're some thoughts on pedro and the sawx

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Janowiak
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 7:16 AM
To: Scott McNicol
Subject: dude

what is this love affair most red sox have with daubach? i think the guy is over-rated and their record with him in speaks for itself..... clue me in bro...... later..


----- Original Message -----
From: Scott McNicol
To: Andy Janowiak
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 11:35 AM
Subject: RE: dude

i dunno dude, i like the guy, and at least he had a couple hits over the weekend. i think the absence of nomah and trot is starting to show. the pitching has still been great (except whiny pedro) there have just been no runs (i.e. hits with RISP) to back it up. i think part of it might be due to back to back doubleheaders too. day of rest (guess not, playing cleveland tonight, oops), hopefully shit starts happening again this week...

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Janowiak
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 9:53 AM
To: Scott McNicol
Subject: Re: dude

....here is a trade i want to propose to mike and the maddog - pedro for johnson, straight up.....i think martinez (whom i'v always loved in that hetero way) has too big of an ego and can't handle not being THE MAN since schilling's arrival.....plus schilling and johnson beat the yankees in '01..... gimme some feedback (alternative steve winwood title)

----- Original Message -----
From: Scott McNicol
To: Andy Janowiak
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 1:00 PM
Subject: give ya give ya some feedback...

the sound that you hear is the low spark of high paid pitchers.
i'd be down with that man. i dont think it'll happen, cause as soon as it does george would offer giambi and mussina to AZ
pedros the 'ace' or "#1" of this club, and hes the only guy that has had more than one shitty start. usually when this happens, he ends up on the DL for a few weeks. being a contract year, he's not gonna do that, hes gonna pitch thru whatever it is, and he's gonna take a few years off his arms life. the sox should be concentrating on signing nomar, tek and lowe. pedro should be 4th on that list(5th if youre counting ortiz)
lowe has more years left than pedro, and has been the second most winningest pitcher in the AL for the last two years (second to halliday i think). tek is the smartest catcher in the majors, and should be a franchise guy so that he can manage here when hes done playing, and nomars nomar. this weekend showed why we need him. wouldnt have been a sweep.

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Janowiak
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 10:10 AM
To: Scott McNicol
Subject: dude

yeah, that's the idea....make george overpay....i agree with what you said and i would throw ortiz in there too...i had him on my fantasy team when he was a twin and never let me down....pedro should pipe down and let what's left of his arm do the talking...

----anyway... thoughts? comments? mueller? mueller?

lost weekend 

well that fucking sucked. some timely hitting sometime soon would be pretty helpful. nice outings from arroyo and wakes though.
hopefully there won't be any more back to back double headers for a while.

any comments on the whiny bitch pedro insinuating that current management is planning to dismantle this team (if they win it all) like the marlins were after their world series win?