June 17, 2004

yay nixon! 

boo sox.

the last two games are games they woulda won last year.
nice hit by schill though. hope the MRIs okay, and the yanks start to slide with brown missing a few starts.

June 15, 2004

Throw em....a heater! 

I was thinking the other day how Pedro usually doesn't do that well in the colder weather. The weather warms up and his pitching heats up. What if they installed a climate control device in all the pitching mounds around baseball? You could have a bubble of air set for 85 degrees for Pedro! It wouldn't matter if it was 55 out he still be warm and toasty!

June 13, 2004

now, i just want to know, after seeing nomar and pokey's play up the middle since he came back, does anyone still want to consider benching pokey in favor of bellhorn when meullar comes back???? they look great! if anything, i think nomar's the weaker of the two at this point, but still, i think they're as solid up the middle as anyone. and, nomar's going to get stronger as the season goes on. now if only the pitching can hold up..... ;)

June 09, 2004

at least now the all-star voting is justified... 

Nomars batting 1.000 !

June 02, 2004

so what is the deal with Mr. Lowe? He is not having a very good contract year. This is the time when he is supposed to shine. I suppose it is better for us if we want to sign him at the end of the season. Every loss brings down his free agent price.