October 28, 2004

1918 is eightysixed. 

i watched the same sportscenter twice last night, and then again this morning. (making me late for work)

i haven't done a goddamn thing at work today yet. hey, big papi told me i could take the day off, so they're lucky i came in to keep my seat warm!

i wish i could be there for the parade that is expected to attract 5 million people.
5 million people.

5 million people.


what else to say?

luckily we have bill simmons and peter gammons, and hell, even the curly-haired boyfriend has been on a poetic roll lately.

they can speak for us.

i hope stephen king knows that he and that other dude have to write a book about the sox EVERY season now.
I know this blogs not going anywhere, and me and angie have to hit fenway at least once a season now.
and that candle her yankee loving uncle gave her for her birthday that was lit at the start of game 4 against the yanks and every game since is going to be packed away for next year.

spend $200 million!!! sign 'em all!!!!

There is joy in Mudville 

I can not fucking believe it!!! I am still in complete and total shock. I know I've posted some very negative things on this blog, but they were all part of my master plan of psuedo-negativity!!!!! Now, I can stop!!!!!! Wooooooo fucking hooooooooooooooooooooo. I love everybody!

October 27, 2004

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

October 26, 2004

Bottom 9th 

That HP comercial was excelent

That Nanny 911 should be required watching for teenagers. would work better than condoms
Three more outs
Two more outs
4-1 damn
One more out
Strike three for out three
Game over
Your Rally caps and Rally Rags have no power here.


tell your children not to walk foulkes way...

Top 9th 

Was that Nomar in the stands wearing the Sox hat?
Head hunter!!!! That fucker!!!!
Pedro can smell it!! Tim said so!

Three more outs

Top 9th 

I want more runs just 2 or 5 or 8. Nails in the coffin
Three more outs

bottom of the eighth 

tough as nails timlin.

top of the eighth 

and poo holes digs it out of the dirt


thanks beautiful

(for keeping me on tv in october)

8th Bottom 

My stomach has been in knots this entire play offs. I can't imagine what the players are feeling. This is sooo intense. Crazy

Come on Timlin bring home the bacon!!!!

i dunno 

this is more '99 pedro than '03-'04 pedro.

i leave him in.

we'll see...

bottom of the seventh 


fox is reading this.
they played the soundtrack for funky seventies nba pedro during that quick montage before the commercial!!

rock on, funky p

Tim Mc Shut the Fuck up 

I wish Tim would fucking shut the hell up god damn goof. Fucking poo hole hee hee hee. Poo hole. That is fun to say

Bottom 7th 

87 pitches 7th inning good deal. Once he hits 100-110 pull him no matter what the fuck he wants.
Rally cap ain't gonna help ya people

top of the seventh 


the nations chanting in st louis! nice!

oh, and by the way?

lets go ortizzle!!

Top 7th 

Come on Ortiz! Time for some (more) hitting.
Jimmy wants a home run!!!
Taco Bell ticket holder? What the Fuck? No Taco?

You are a beeping poo hole 

bottom of the sixth 

snap that shit in half, funky-seventies nba pedro!!

down goes poo holes!

tonight pedros pitching like it's 1999

don't ya wanna go?

bottom 6th 

Pedro is heating up!!!!
More runs please.
This Nike Fenway comercial? Hopefully they will never need to play it again. Or they might have to adjust it.

poo holes! 


top of the sixth 

yeah pedro!!

poo holes.

i just love saying that.

poo holes poo holes poo holes

Top of the 6th 

Pedro on base!!! Pedro on Base!!!!
Why the hell didn't he just pitch it down the middle? I'm not complaining just saying!
Bah double play! Slide pedro slide! Take out the short stop!

the redemption song by tim mccarver... 

"pedro martinez with a four run lead as wiley as a wolverine!!!!"

best. phrase. ever. (in this postseason)


Bottom 5th 

Wiley as a Wolverine?
That's the way uh huh I like it

I hate these "beeping" comercials 

No really I hate these beeping comercials. The ones where they beep like a phone? Fucking hate it

i got one for berman... 

al reyes something there to remind me

middle of the top of the fifth(ish) 

jason hustle!

mueller? mueller!!

see ya supes.

top of the top of the fifth 

nice, baseball jesus!

frigging wet out there, no??
not a problem for BJ, though. walk right on top of that shit.

death cab for supie!


Top 5th 

Top of the order do some damage?
Tip Toe through the mud in right. No tulips though
1st and 3rd with Manny at the plate! Nice RBI singlr
Ortiz? Oh well. Smart move by Cab. whatever Tim says he is an ass
Tek Safe at first nice hustle to beat the throw.
4-0 baby!!!! WE want more. Lots more
oh pitching change!!! WE have been just killing there starters. Love it

bottom four 

pedros looking funky-sweaty-late-seventies-nba freaky tonight.
is that soul-glo, or sweat? damn.



Bottom 4th 

Nice, Pedro looks like he is getting into a groove. Time to put some more runs on the board guys. Bring it! It's go time!

top of tha fourth 

it was in the paper today that the sox voted on their playoff earning shares and cut gordon and suppan in for a percentage...

if pedro gets a hit here, schills bloodstained sock will start to fade faster than you can say....nevermind.


Top 4th 

Tek bad swing Kid

Nice double Muelller

Nixon with the RBI single all these two out Runs gotta love it

Pedro had a chance to help the cause but he strikes out looking. Stick to throwing strikes.

Bottom of the 3rd 

Suppan was supposed to be automatic out. Damn it

Hey Tim it it really bad to get picked off at first after getting a hit?

Nixon down in the mud. Trouble?

Suppan out at Third! Oh yeah! Tell me McCarver is that bad to?

Yeah out of the inning


bottom three 

hope nixon isnt hurt

ortiz makes a nice throw!!

little league mistake by suppan there...

shut that crowd the fuck up.

top 3 

way to work it there, o-cab!

bah. oh well.

c'mon pedro...

bottom two 

hey there, papa jack!

okay, now mannys 2 for 2 with an assist...

man, did bellhorn just make that play barehanded??

theres definitely a hometown strike zone in play here.

look, its the baseball wizard!!!

mmmmm... fried ravioli

muuuch bettah pedro.

Top 3rd 

Pedro out looking was to be expected.
What was with the ball boy down the line? Hands of stone and no glove?
Manny was swinging at junk to.
Big Papi leading off next time around

Bottom 2nd 

Yeah! That is where I like to see the 1-2-3.
Was Tommy Lasorda Sleeping? Come on it is only the 2nd inning Wake up.
And now we have the big bat of Pedro leading off. Bring it!

top of second 

no WAY did bellhorn go around.

you think he's gonna become the first player in a single postseaon to homer off foul poles in three different stadiums?

pedro leading off next inning. interesting.
the 8 spot is even more important than the leadoff spot with NL rules..


Top 2nd game 3 

This Ump likes to call those low strikes. Come on guys you can't do this 1-2-3 crap. Make Suppan work. And your right foam bird heads are scary.


those cardinal foam hats are fucking creepier than the burger king commercial. i bet if he's a real king, those cardinal things are like his bodyguards.

nice "hit" there poo holes.


pedro, take it easy man, it doesn't need to be that interesting!

Bottom 1st, game 3  

Come on Pedro. Bases loaded. Pop up. Out at the plate Bitch! Yeah!

top of the first, game 3 


after the rain?!?!?

lets go pedro...

October 21, 2004

watch letterman tonight 

schill's doing the top ten.

should be good...

but not as good as last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 20, 2004

reverse sweep!!!!!!!!!! * 

whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm going fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* chris came up with this title...

October 19, 2004

i'm speechless.

October 17, 2004

are you really surprised? 

Well another season is about to close, and most Bostonians are in shock over this recent playoff debacle. But when you examine these teams closely, are you really surprised with the outcome? Yea Schilling getting hurt really sucked, and the timing couldn't have been worse. But the team didn't know how bad he was after the Anaheim game? They couldn't have held him back to try and give themselves moer of a chance to win one in NY? The simple fact is the Yankees are a better team. Compare these two lineups and tell me where the Sox are better. Aside from maybe one or two hitters, see Ramirez and Ortiz, and virtually no fielders, the Yankees are a better team. Period. Compare fielding. 1st base? A wash since Giambi went down. Had he stayed healthy the edge would go to the Yanks. However, I think it still does since Olerud became revitalized in NY as most veterans do. Even at 40 something I'd take him over a stiff like Millar. Doug M's good, but couldn't hit a beach ball right now. 2nd base- well that's a wash, I mean Bellhorn or Cairo, what's the difference. SS- Cabrerra's a good ballplayer, and he will get better, but he's no Derek Jeter. 3rd base- Need I say more? LF- well Manny's had a great year at the plate, and a decent year fielding, but Hideki seems to come up with the clutch hits, and is probably a little better in the field. CF - Johnny Damon had a great year, but I think the Yanks are a little more solid defensively. RF- c'mon, Sheffield's played out of his mind. He's hungry. Catcher- If I see Varitek strike out with another weak-ass swing I'm going to scream. And considering the shitty year Posada's had at the plate, I'll call that a wash. The Yanks lineup is much more solid top to bottom. Aside from Manny and Ortiz, the Yankees have better hitters, and better clutch hitters. They also have smarter hitters who work the count better. They do the little things it takes to win ball games, like being aggressive on the base paths and going hard into the stands for a foul ball.

Everyone thinks the Yankees are an aging team ripe for defeat, but it's simply not the case. Oh yea, and did I forget to mention the best closer in baseball? And arguably the best manager in baseball? I'm sure this post will piss everyone off, but c'mon people, put your passion for the Sox aside and try to look at things objectively. The Sox are getting beat by a better team, that is peaking at the perfect time. Peaking in August means shit if you can't get out of your own way in October!

October 16, 2004

turn out the lights... 

the party's over.

October 09, 2004

Ortizzle Sizzles! 

3 down, 8 to go

Angels on the back nine. 

Well the Sox did it, sweep of the Angels. Angels are now dusting off the golf clubs and hitting the back nine, hell they have time to play a full 18 holes. I tell you that game was giving me an ulcer. I know there was 2 more chances after that but I wanted it done and over with. One of the guys next to me at the bar (When it was 6-1) said "Alright, this game is over!" I turn to him tell him to shut up. We all know it is not over till it is over. The baseball gods don't take kindly to overconfidence like that. So I don't blame Timlin for leaving a pitch hanging over the plate with the bases juiced. I blame the asshole at the bar. Regardless, all is well that ends with an Ortiz walk off homerun.

Bring on the Twins/Yankees! I don't care which one it is either. I have no problem with the idea of not playing the Yankees. Although I am pretty sure that is who we will play. I here these people saying that it will only be a true win if we go through the Yankees to get it. That is bullshit I could care less. Well, I think I would rather have played the Twins. I admit it I am scared of playing NY. Yes, we can beat them. We did sweep them in their own park this season. When it comes to the playoffs all bets are off. We are Sox fans, the CURSE is alive and well in Beantown. Something always goes wrong. So if we can go around NY instead of through NY I say fine by me.

In a perfect world at least Boston perfect yes we play the Yankees and we kick their fucking asses. Then we move on to play Houston. Game 7, Schilling v.s. Clemens. In Fenway. The Rocket knocked out in the first.

"Where is Roger?"
"In the Showers!"

We will have to wait and see. We have another series before that. One game at a time.

8 more wins.

Go Sox!

October 07, 2004

here we go... 

2 down, 9 to go

October 06, 2004

here we go red sox... 

1 down, 10 to go