February 16, 2005

y kant curt spell? 

who cares though, i think it's fucking awesome that a player interacts directly with the fans like he does. i wish some others would join in.

so i'm sure everyone has read about trot talking shit about a-fraud. if not, you can read it here.

a thread started on SOSH, and after a couple pages gehrig38 (that's curt) chimed in:

Re: Trot discusses A-rod
Not sure about the STFU part. What alot of people miss entirely here, especially in the case of AROD and I, is that quite a bit of the stuff on my end of the discussion was said A LONG time ago. I've done 4 media days in 4 months. I say no unless the people doing the stuff can all fit the stuff into a single day, and then that day I do it all back to back to back to get it over with. I understand it's part of the game, but in the off season it is something I have 100% control of. So how and when you see interviews and comments is entirely up to the media.

FWIW it's ironic to watch the comments about this stuff from my perspective. You guys and gals are reacting to the comments going back and forth with stuff like "STFU" and other things when it's nothing more than what you people do at work everyday. You talk about each other, and most times not when that other person is in the room, this is no different. They are co-employees, and competitors. Nothing I've said or read should be "inspiring" to Alex, since I've said the play was bush league, which it was, and that I didn't like him, alot. So what? That's my opinion. Why should Alex give a rats ass that I dislike him? Better yet why do you think reporters continue to ask the questions? It's space filling grit, and peolpe eat that crap up. I do agree with what alot of NYY fans said late last year after my comments about Alex and what other people had said about him, there was no time and place for that, esp not then, and I have said as much publicly since then, not sure those comments ever made it to print.

Any of you read Jose's book yet? Got through like 6 chapters and just couldn't go on. Oh I think there are things that raise the eyebrows and that you can't stick your head in the sand over, but the whole book, to me anyway, is a finger pointing excersize on why his life went to @#%$. Everyone else is to blame and the game is racist. He was awesome and he really didn't do anything wrong, at least nothing that others didn't do, so why should he be blackballed?

the actual red sox cup!! 

thanks to becky, who was lucky (grrrrrrr) enough to get to see it!
i'm jealous...

February 11, 2005

true boston sports fan 

it's hilarious, all this week NESN has been replaying the yankees' series. i watched games 6 and 7 ,and even though i knew the outcome of the games, i still had taht pit of angst in my stomach watching them lol one of the professors at school, who's a yankees fan by the way, said to me "man, you're definitely a scarred boston sports fan aren't you?" too f'n funny. of course then i went on to remind him that the yankees pulled the biggest choke job in all of sports history, much to his chagrin. ;) awwww life, sweet life.