July 19, 2005

on the plus side 

...schilling is looking pretty good, now that he's gotten rid of the evil twin goatee.

and how many games back were the sox at this point last year?

still a lot of baseball to play. but i was really hoping damon would get to 40.

July 11, 2005

deep discount 

finally i can delete the ring ceremony off tivo!

best price:

2004 WS collectors set

more info on it here (scroll down):

don't buy it here!

July 07, 2005


payton designated for assignment, and vasquez traded to the indians for alex cora

hopefully we can get a decent pitcher in a trade with payton...

July 06, 2005

been awhile... 

if anyone is still reading this, whaddaya think of schilling in the bullpen?