March 28, 2005

Question for the new season 

Spring training is winding down and the new season is right around the corner. Can anyone explain why Byung Hyun Kim (AKA Ball long gone) is still playing with the Redsox, any team for that matter? He sucks so bad and he has sucked for a long time now. What is the deal? I just don't understand.

March 19, 2005

So with all the shit going on about steroids in baseball. How long do you figure before someone attempts to kill Jose Canseco? Obviously there is a steroid problem in sports in general. I don't feel it was Jose's place to name names. If he wanted to come out and say that he was a user and that there is steroid abuse through out all of baseball. I have no problem with that, he has the right to say those things. Giving out names and pointing fingers, that is wrong.

He may need the money but I bet he makes more enemies so he better spend it quick.