June 07, 2006


how much longer is fran-coma going to rely on that piece of shit seanez? he has done nothing for this team. everytime he comes in it's a guaranteed run being scored, if not more than one. 25 hits, 12 BB, 11 ER, 14R, 4HR in 23IP. his era with runners in scoring position is 6.43. and fran-coma still continues to go to him in clutch situations. jesus h.!

fran-coma has to be one of the worst managers i've seen in terms of handling his staff. he lets people go too long, doesn't get guys up in the bullpen on time, or gets them up and leaves them lingering out there. what the fuck?????

also, is anybody else completely down on varitek? i mean, that fucking error the other night started the whole downward spiral. how fucking stupid is he? has he been playing in this league for almost 9 years or what? he threw the ball around like a little leaguer, then leaves the fucking plate uncovered!? that set the tempo for the whole fucking night.

i'm so sick of this fucking team.

although i'm sure that'll change. lol